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Doctor Who Series 9 Full Live +7 Figures Released

Though it seems like ages since it aired, Live +7 Figures are finally available for the whole of Series 9 of Doctor Who.

The Live+7 figure is calculated by the BBC to get an accurate estimate of the total unique audience for an episode of a programme. Unlike official BARB figures the Live+7 uses data to include those who watched one of the broadcast repeats of the episode and those who watched the episode on iPlayer all within 7 days of the original transmission.

As figures show, an average of 60% of the audience watch Doctor Who on the day of transmission, either as a Live broadcast or as a delayed viewing. The number is slightly higher for the series finale and the Christmas special. A further 26% of the audience watch the programme, via a recording, within 7 days of the original transmission. Around 11% on average watch on iPlayer, although this dropped to around 5% for the Christmas special. The highest delayed viewing was the Peter Harness episode The Zygon Invasion.

The number watching a scheduled repeat has dropped dramatically this series, from an average of 4% last year, to an average of just 1.3% this year. After the audience of people watching on BBC Three declined, the BBC cancelled the regular repeat on the channel after Before The Flood. The only other repeat was the late night signed version on BBC Two, which had an average of 40,000 viewers. 

Overall, the total Live +7 ratings are down by about 1.5 million compared to the 2014 figures, averaging a total of roughly 6.7 million watching each episode.

The overall chart position for each week ranged from 13th for The Magician’s Apprentice down to 30th for Sleep No More, the lowest chart position since the series returned in 2005. The only episode this year to make the top ten was The Husbands of River Song which came in 8th.