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Doctor Who: Series 9 is ‘More Political’

While at this years San Diego Comic Con, Jenna Coleman took some time to speak to TMS about Doctor Who‘s upcoming ninth series.

Coleman stated that this series episodes were a lot more about seizing the moment and adrenaline filled. She did say however that they do not feel ‘rompy’ as there are darker stories.

The actress went on to say:

There’s some really provoking episodes, actually … I suppose something that has a relevance to some stuff kind of happening today, really interesting … makes you think … provoking.

…it feels like a new kind of episode for Doctor Who; I mean maybe more political.

What do you think the new episodes will address? Are you looking forward to more action packed stories? Tell us in the comments!

Jenna Coleman returns as Clara Oswald on the 19th of September when Doctor Who‘s Ninth Series begins!

[Source: Cult Box]