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Doctor Who Series 9 Postponed Until 2017

The BBC have announced that Series 9 of Doctor Who, which was planned to begin in Autumn, has been postponed until Autumn 2017. The decision behind this has been made by executive producer Steven Moffat. Although no specific reason has been given yet, Moffat did suggest changes to the scheduling in an interview with Radio Times back in January:

“We’ve been discussing the format for some time and looking at how we can experiment with it. Sherlock (yes, I mentioned the other one) has had 2 year gaps in between and fans have remained loyal, so something like that could work for Doctor Who.”

The two-part series opener The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar was expected to be broadcast in Autumn of this year, but will now likely be shown Autumn of 2017. The show has previously altered the broadcasting schedule, with Series 7 being split into two halves, so will fans stick with the show?

Andrew Newby, head of programming at the BBC, said on their website:

“As the channel continues to introduce new shows and develop, we have decided to reschedule a number of programmes to accommodate this. We hope that the fans of these shows will not be too disappointed.”

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