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Doctor Who: Sleep No More – 10 Exclusive Teasers

The Gallifrey Times have seen Sleep No More, and have put together our ten exclusive teasers, which you can read below:

  1. ‘Bring me a dream…’
  2. ‘I’m the Doctor, I do the naming.’
  3. ‘We all know a grunt when we see one.’
  4. Chopra pretty
  5. ‘Always, always, sleep claims us in the end.’
  6. Remember the gravity shields.
  7. It seemed like a joke at the time…
  8. ‘Every night, we dive deep into that inky pool.’
  9. Dust to dust.
  10. “I did tell you not to watch.”
BONUS Face the Raven trailer teaser (highlight to read)
  • “There’s no nice way to say you’re about to die.”