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Doctor Who Star Samuel Anderson Talks “Big Sister” Jenna Coleman

Samuel Anderson, who plays Maths teacher and ex-soldier Danny Pink in series 8, talks about his co-star Jenna Coleman in this week’s edition of the Radio Times. Since Jenna was the one with the most experience in the TARDIS, she had the task of showing Samuel and new Doctor Peter Capaldi the ropes.

Samuel says,

“She was like a big sister to me and Peter; the young veteran showing us around the Tardis, Jenna actually commented after my first couple of weeks on set: ‘I can’t believe you’ve gone this long without pressing any buttons.’ I was trying to be professional, but now I push all the buttons. I can fly like a demon. I’m like Ayrton Senna on the Tardis.”

The latest issue of the Radio Times is on newsstands now. Doctor Who’s sixth episode, “The Caretaker,” airs this Saturday,  27 September at 8.30 on BBC One, and at 9/8 CST on BBC America.

[Source: Radio Times]