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Doctor Who Stars Say ‘A Companion Leaving Is Really Good Telly’

Doctor Who stars, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, who are departing the show in Series 7 Episode 5, The Angels Take Manhattan, have said that a companion leaving the show makes good TV.

“It’s always emotional when a companion leaves, but that’s what the show is about,” Arthur told Vulture. “No-one can stay with the Doctor forever. It makes really good telly.”

Karen Gillan explained that she has watched “pretty much all the episodes beginning with the reboot in 2005”.

“I actually love the way Catherine Tate left, it was so tragic, Donna not being able to remember any of her time with the Doctor.

“And in terms of performances, I loved watching David Tennant leave Billie Piper (Rose) on the beach because she just looked like he was genuinely leaving. She was genuinely crying.

“Then there’s Freema Agyeman [who played Martha Jones]. She had that unrequited love and had to get out. It was all pretty painful in a good way.”

Both cast members also admitted that they took items from the TARDIS set before filming their final scenes on Doctor Who, including a magnifying glass and a pair of binoculars!

“I’m not sure they’ll notice – there are so many little bits, and also, they do tours for people to walk through the TARDIS and people take things slyly. Or, they think they’re being sly.”