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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Not Ruling Out Returns For River Song And Captain Jack Harkness

There is still a glimmer of hope for fans who want to see River Song or Jack Harkness (or both!) make a return to Doctor Who. Steven Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine earlier this year that River’s story with the Doctor was

“probably done. Not that we saw all of it, but I never thought we should see all of it.”

However, Moffat said in an interview with Zap2it this week that the possibility for a return still exists. He says:

“[Their stories are] never, ever closed off. It’s all about ‘Do you have a story that’s worth it?’ Unless you’ve got a story that is absolutely informed and invigorated by their presence, just bringing a character back in an ordinary story won’t do. Both River Song and Jack Harkness are massive characters in Doctor Who mythology. Their returns would have to be seismic, not routine.” 

Captain Jack Harkness’s last appearance on the show came in the closing minutes of 2010’s “The End of Time, Part 2,” while River Song was last seen making what appeared to be her final goodbye to the Doctor in 2013’s “The Name of the Doctor.”

What do you think? Should River and/or Jack return? If so, should there be a very, very good reason for it, or would you like to see them regardless? Tell us below!

[Source: Radio Times]