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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat On Why Christopher Eccleston Didn't Return For The 50th

In this month’s issue of SFX Magazine (which goes on sale on Wednesday also features a cover and feature on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special), Steven Moffat has revealed why the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston didn’t return for The Day of the Doctor.

Moffat said:

“I had an initial contact with Chris [Eccleston] and, in a very amiable and gentlemanly way, he didn’t feel that he could come back to it. There wasn’t any big fuss about it – I had a couple of meetings with him, and he was perfectly pleasant, and indeed quite enthused about the show, but he just doesn’t do that, it’s just not him.”

Eccleston recently stated in a letter read out at the BFI Ninth Doctor event that he still ‘loves the Doctor’, and joked that he would return for the 100th anniversary if Joe Ahearne directed it. Eccleston’s successor, David Tennant, will star in the special alongside John Hurt and Matt Smith.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]