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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on Matt Smith Appearing in Sherlock

Ever since Matt Smith made his poignant exit in the 2013 Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor, Whovians have been wondering what’s next for the 31-year-old actor.

Currently he’s starring as Patrick Bateman in the musical American Psycho, which is running in London’s Ameida Theatre until January 25th, but will we be seeing the actor who played the Eleventh on our screens again any time soon?

Steven Moffat, showrunner for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, caught up with Zap2It and spoke about the possibility of having Matt Smith star in Sherlock.

“Nothing is impossible, but it’s not something we’re particularly striving for. There’s enough inevitable crossover talk between those two, [so] it might be disconcerting for either [Matt or Benedict Cumberbatch] to appear in the other’s show.”

Moffat, worried about stunt casting, also added that he’d only add Matt Smith to the Sherlock cast if there was “a perfect part for him”.

“Stunt casting doesn’t work, so it would have to be just because he was overwhelmingly right for [a part in Sherlock].” 

“I love working with Matt. He’s a phenomenal actor. I’d jump at the chance to work with him again. I [just] don’t know how likely that is to be on the set of Sherlock.”

For now, it remains uncertain whether or not Matt Smith will be making an appearance on the hit BBC One detective drama. It seems like fans of both Doctor Who and Sherlock (known in the fandom world as Wholockians) are in full support of the idea, but ultimately, it comes down to Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and the rest of the crew of Sherlock.

Incidentally, series three of Sherlock concludes with His Last Vow, which airs tonight at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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