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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on Series 8 Ratings

Steven Moffat took part in a Royal Television Society panel on Tuesday, and one of the questions asked was on the subject of ratings in Series 8 and a possible drop in ratings. Moffat dismissed these claims of a ratings drop, saying:

“The figures are the same – they’re just the same. If by ‘ratings’, you mean the number of people who watch the show… they are the same. The headline – boring though it is – is that they’ve barely changed since Doctor Who came back.”

“Since Matt Smith took over Doctor Who – the time I’ve been doing it – the number of people that watch the show on iPlayer has trebled. The way people watch it has changed. People watch it on catch-up to a much greater degree, but there is no drop-off in the ratings. For the record, if our overnights were our final rating, that would still count as a hit. I would be working hard, even as a Scot, to be disappointed!”

Series 8 has achieved an average rating of 7.23 million after 11 episodes (the addition Death in Heaven final rating on Sunday will likely boost this figure a little) – that’s a little down on Series 7’s overall average of 7.45 million, but up on the 2013 series alone (Series 7 Part 2), which achieved an average audience of 7.11 million. 

The overnight audience for Series 8 has averaged 5.17 million, well down on Series 7’s average overnights of 5.5 million – but the timeshift (recordings of the episode watched up to seven days after the episode) average has increased to 2.08 million (after 11 episodes) from Series 7’s average of 1.9 million. iPlayer figures have not been released for the series yet.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]