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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Previews Series 9 Episodes

Doctor Who executive producer and lead writer Steven Moffat has revealed a fresh new batch of Series 9 details ahead of its arrival onto our screens next month.

The episode breakdown features in this month’s issue of SFX magazine, with Moffat taking a (mostly) spoiler-free look at what viewers can look forward to in the upcoming series.

Warning: Plot details for Series 9 are contained below – continue reading at your discretion.

Episodes 1 & 2: The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Hettie MacDonald

“This is the opening two-parter. It features lots of Daleks and this time we mean it! Clara receives a mysterious summons and has to team up with Missy to search for the Doctor in a very, very old place.”

Episodes 3 & 4
Writer: Toby Whithouse
Director: Daniel O’Hara

“This two-parter is written by Toby Whithouse and features an underwater base plagued by creeping ghosts and an island that is about to be submerged in water. But who or what is doing this and how can the Doctor stop it? It’s very scary, atmospheric and claustrophobic, much like some classic episodes.”

Episodes 5 & 6: The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived
Writers: Jamie Mathieson & Steven Moffat (The Girl Who Died), Catherine Treganna (The Woman Who Lived)
Director: Ed Bazalgette

“These two are exceptional! Doctor Who meets Game of Thrones! Well, only because Maisie Williams is in them. The first part features Vikings fighting mercenary robots (and a dragon!) and the second one sees a group of Highwaymen dealing with a Norse god.”

Episodes 7 & 8
Writer: Peter Harness
Director: Daniel Nettheim

“This one is written by Peter Harness and Day of the Doctor acted as a prologue to it. In it, the Zygons made peace with the Humans, but not every Zygon decided it was okay so they’ve been raising an army, silently and now they’re rising against UNIT! We’ve been planning this forever and Osgood is in it! But how is that possible you’d ask? Missy killed her! Who knows? Well, we know.”

Episode 9
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Justin Molotnikov

“This is a very unique Doctor Who story from Mark Gatiss. It wasn’t possible to do such an episode ten years ago, when the show came back and Mark has been rewriting it over and over again to make it perfect. It’s a beautiful story, very eerie and special, I think it’s going to be an instant classic.”

Episode 10
Writer: Sarah Dollard
Director: Justin Molotnikov

“An episode which leapt out as “why haven’t we done this already? This is so Doctor Who we should be doing this immediately.” And when Sarah Dollard walked in with the finalised script, it was even better! Really, this is going to be a fan-favorite, everyone will want to rewatch it.”

Episodes 11 & 12 
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Rachel Talalay

“A challenge. I won’t say anything else because it would be too spoilery, but when you’ll watch it, you’re going to ask how exactly the Doctor and Clara are going to pull it off.”

As well as Moffat, the latest issue of SFX (#265) – out Wednesday 19th August – will also feature interviews from Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Series 9 of Doctor Who begins on September 19th on BBC One and BBC America.

What are your thoughts on these episode previews from Steven Moffat? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Doctor Who TV]