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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Opens In New Zealand

The free Doctor Who Exhibition is set to open in Wellington, New Zealand this week.

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular will performed through three shows between Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February. The shows are being held at the TSB Bank Arena in Wellington and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will be part of the event, performing music from Doctor Who whilst a screen projects clips from series’. In addition, there will also be Doctor Who themed monsters scattering across the stage and aisles, frightening children and adults to conclude the whole experience. Have no fear Whovians, for the very own Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) will be hosting the event and helping defeat the villains who roam around the event.

This isn’t all for New Zealand Fans. They will also be treated to the ‘Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Adventure in Space and Time’ exhibition, held in Capital E Central. Excitingly, it will feature replicas and originals of our favourite Doctor Who props, from throughout 50 years of the show. Even including, the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, the First Doctor’s cane and a real TARDIS! Awesome, right? You may need to bring a Sonic Screwdriver though, because you may even meet a Dalek.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? The event will be staying in Wellington till Saturday 12th April. So, fans around the world, you have till then to book your flight to New Zealand!

The Director of Capital E Stuart Grant released a statement on the event :

“It’s a real honour to host this fantastic exhibition in our new home. We’re delighted to partner with our friends at NZ Festival and BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand in celebration of this amazing show’s history and, of course, its exciting future.”

Furthermore, Helen Pendlebury (the head of live entertainment at BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand) further added to the exciting news as this is the first time The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has been held in New Zealand. She said :

“The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has been wowing audiences in Australia. We are delighted to bring this fantastic show to New Zealand as well as give Kiwi Doctor Who fans the chance to see part of the TV series’ history in this fascinating exhibition.”

The trailer for the Symphonic Spectacular is shown below. Are you going? Do you want to go? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source : Doctor Who News]