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Doctor Who: The TARDIS Voted the UK’s Favourite Time Travel Device!

The TARDIS, the Doctor’s faithful time machine, has been voted the UK’s favourite form of time travel in a survey carried out by Watchshop.

Out of 2000 fans who voted, the TARDIS won the ‘favourite form of time travel poll’ with 33.65% of the vote. Second and third place went to time travel devices from the Back to the Future and the Harry Potter films.

The survey also asked for the voters’ favourite Doctor – this was won comfortably by David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor with 32.85% of the vote, with Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston’s Fourth and Ninth Doctors trailing far behind. Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor came in last with just 1.3%.

They also created a fun infographic which compares time travel between Doctor Who and other TV shows/films.

What do you think of these results? Comment below!