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Doctor Who Team Interviewed At Comic-Con

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, American entertainment
site Hypable spoke to the crew from Doctor Who. Writer Mark Gatiss, who also
directed the upcoming documentary ‘An Adventure In Space and Time’, talked
about the challenge of taking on the iconic story of how Doctor Who first
started out.

“As a kid I was very aware of
the story. It was a very small show that became a gigantic hit with the BBC.
The first episode was broadcast the day after Kennedy was shot so they had to broadcast it again because nobody was looking. And then the Daleks came
and nobody thought they were going to be anything and they became a worldwide
phenomenon. I know these things well, I always thought it would be fascinating.
The biggest challenge was to focus the story down because there are fifty
different stories. The Daleks alone is kind of like their own film.” 

Gatiss also explained about
the input from Warris Hussein, the original director for the 1963 series debut.

“I met Warris a long time ago
to start discussing it. Warris was really incredibly helpful…The only day he
could come to set was the first day, and we were shooting we were with Sacha
Dhawan and Jessica Raine and he was sitting next to me behind the monitor and
he was crying, as you would expect. It’s suddenly his own life being portrayed,
which must be very curious.”

Afterwards, Steven Moffat
offered some further clarification as to the storyline of the 50th
Anniversary special. When asked if it would be a continuation of the storyline
begun in ‘The Name of the Doctor’, he was explicit in stating that the special
was always intended to be a standalone story.

“It would be awful if our big
anniversary was the second half of something. At the end of ‘The Name of the
Doctor’ you learn something about the Doctor you’ve never known before. The anniversary
special will be freestanding, that was just a cliffhanger. [It] was just too
big an ending to resist!”

Moffat was also asked how the
team approached the casting process of the new Doctor, and whether they went
into it without knowing which gender they intended the Twelfth Doctor to be. He
explained that the decision was made before any actors or actresses were
approached, meaning that though they have given little away as to the identity
of the new Doctor, they at least know if they will be male or female, though it
seems the rest of the process was led far more by intuition.

“Generally speaking the way
Doctor Who works is you’re led by the actor, you have to be. Cause it’s a sort
of star vehicle. Each time a person takes it on it becomes their vehicle.”

Though the identity of the
new Doctor is still a closely guarded secret, there can be no doubt that fans
worldwide will be fascinated to find out just where that process led the Doctor
Who team.

[Source: Hypable]