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Doctor Who: TGT Team Theories – Who is Maisie Williams’ Character?

There has been a lot of excitement these past couple of days, with everybody talking about the new Series 9 trailer – which, if you missed it, you can watch here. One specific part of the trailer that everybody is talking about is that last clip that gave us our first glimpse of Maisie Williams in character. The BBC have revealed hardly anything about the character, so it’s got us wondering… who exactly is she? Last year we had a similar case with the character of Missy. Although we had seen her for brief scenes during Series 8, nobody was really sure who she was. If you’ll recall, we here at The Gallifrey Times had our own theories, so this year we’re going to share some of our thoughts on Maisie Williams’ character and who we think she might be. So, let’s get started with our first theory from Andrew.

Andrew (News)

I believe the brief glimpse of Maisie Williams’ face bears an uncanny resemblance to Clara, maybe a younger version of her. It’s just something about the eyebrows for me! My theory is that Jenna Coleman will indeed exit Doctor Who this series, and if my worst fears are correct she will, in some way, die. However, with the names of two episodes being The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived I think this could indicate Clara’s death followed by a temporary reappearance as a younger self still existing in the Doctor’s timelines, possibly in order to save him. This after all is her job as we saw in the events of The Name Of The Doctor, Series 7. I’m probably wrong although I called Missy as being the Master!

Ben (Assistant Editor)
I have a feeling that Williams’ character is the Doctor’s daughter, but – to paraphrase the Eighth Doctor – not the one we’re expecting. The Doctor has stated many times that he is a father and a grandfather, with proof being shown to us in the form of his granddaughter, Susan, and his genetically grown daughter, Jenny. Although a regenerated version of Jenny would be an obvious choice, there’s a clue that leads me to believe otherwise. When the Doctor sees the girl, he says ‘You!’ This shows that he knows the girl, so if Jenny – who he’d only met for the first time in The Doctor’s Daughter – had regenerated, he wouldn’t recognise her, because as far as he knows, she is dead. But, if it was another of his daughters, he would be surprised to see her and it would explain her calling him ‘old man’. I’ll be honest with you, this theory is more plausible than last year’s idea that Missy was Rassilon’s mother (my fez was very tasty by the way).

Sophie (News)

Could Maisie Williams’ character be Jenny? While we all know that Jenny survived the events of The Doctor’s Daughter, the Doctor left before seeing Jenny come back to life, and therefore believes her to be dead – The Girl Who Died? Steven Moffat previously described Maisie’s character as ‘challenging the Doctor in very unexpected ways’ and taking him ‘out of his depth’. What better way to challenge the Twelfth Doctor than to make him a father? With Maisie’s line in the trailer, “What took you so long, old man?”, could this be Jenny asking why it took so long for the pair to reunite? Additionally, it was originally Steven Moffat’s suggestion for Russell T. Davies to keep Jenny alive at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter. Has he been plotting a story for Jenny all this time?
Bedwyr (News)
Maisie Williams will appear in the next series of Doctor Who, a young actress known all over the world for playing Arya Stark in the global hit Game of Thrones. The likelihood is that she will not be playing the same character but why couldn’t Arya Stark appear in Doctor Who? Both shows are watched by huge global audiences so a crossover episode would be a massive hit. In terms of the narrative, if the TARDIS can land in alien planets and parallel dimensions then there’s no reason it couldn’t land in Westeros. In Arya’s plot line perhaps the followers of the ‘Many Faced God’ (the Faceless Men) are Gallifreyan’s who have mastered controlled regeneration? Practically however GoT has a very adult target audience so only a very watered down version could ever be merged with Doctor Who, so as exciting as it would be it couldn’t possibly work.

Jenna (News)

Obviously, based on the Doctor’s reaction in the trailer, Maisie Williams’ character is someone he’s met before. The question is, is she someone the Doctor remembers from an adventure we haven’t seen, or someone the audience will recognise? The Doctor does have a habit of having “friends” we hadn’t previously known about (like Vastra, Jenny and Strax in A Good Man Goes to War). While I’d like to go conservative and suggest that is the solution, I’m going to be bold and suggest that she is, in fact, the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan! It’s been a long time since the Doctor left her on earth to pursue a normal life without him and, if Susan is Gallifreyan, she should be able to regenerate. I wasn’t sure what to think of Maisie’s character at first, but when she said “what took you so long, old man?” that was the first thing that came to mind. After all, the Doctor did promise: “One day, I shall come back.”
Harris (News)
As she’s been puzzling fans since her casting was announced it’s difficult to find any new theories about Maisie Williams that haven’t been discussed before. The only thing the new trailer tells us is that the Doctor’s met her before, but we already knew that, oh, and she’s sassy. In light of this I am deducting Missy from the equation and does anyone really want to see Susan played by anyone other than Carole Ann Ford? Romana perhaps? Although Big Finish currently has a firm hold on her. I’m going non-Time Lord. I highly doubt a young Clara so as ever I’m hoping someone new, someone you’d never expect.
Suman (News)
Despite the intriguing familiarity between her character and the Doctor, my feeling is that Maisie Williams will be playing a character completely new to Doctor Who. The rapport between the two could just as easily be down to them meeting and hitting it off very quickly over the course of the two-parter – the ‘old man’ banter in particular has definite shades of the interaction between Oswin and ‘Chinboy’ (Asylum of the Daleks) – and while the Doctor does look surprised to see her, that could very well be due to the events of the story prior to that point rather than her identity. We also had a surprising return of a well-established character just last year with Missy, so it does seem unlikely to me for that to be the case two series in a row. That’s not to say it’s impossible, however, and some of the other possibilities mentioned by my fellow writers are so exciting that I’m more than happy to be proven wrong!

So, you’ve heard our thoughts, but who do you think Maisie Williams’ character is? Do you agree with any of our writers, or do you have another theory? Leave a comment below!