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Doctor Who: Time Heist – 10 Exclusive Teasers

The Gallifrey Times have seen Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 5, Time Heist, and have put together our 10 spoiler-free teasers!

  1. Brain soup.
  2. ”Come on then, Team Not Dead!”
  3. A new fact is revealed about the TARDIS… or is it?
  4. ”We found these amazing worms!”
  5. ”Criminal intent detected. How naughty!”
  6. Ventilation shafts!
  7. ”When people get fired here, it’s messy.”
  8. ”I was hoping for mimamalism, but I think
    I came out with magician.”
  9. Technology 251
  10. ”Shut-ity up-up-up-!”
BONUS The Caretaker trailer teaser (highlight to read)
  • ”I can’t do it, I just can’t!”
Our spoiler-free preview of the episode should be up tomorrow, so keep a look out for that!