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Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy – 10 Teasers

Digital Spy have released 10 teasers about Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy.

1. Worried about the Doctor leaving Solomon to die last week? His new ruthless nature is addressed here…

2. “Look at this – it’s a load of ****** and lumps of ****.”

3. Pay close attention, fact fans – the Doctor mentions his age.

4. “Oy! Don’t swear!”

5. Our Time Lord hero doesn’t just speak baby…

6. “Why would he want to **** you… unless he’s *** you?”

7. ‘Mercy’ features, in our opinion, one of Murray Gold’s best musical scores in a while.

8. “We’re like buses!”

9. Garrick Hagon – Biggs out of Star Wars – has a small but fun role.

10. “Give me a Dalek any day!”

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