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Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy – Final 12 Teasers

Doctor Who TV have released their final set of teasers for tonights Doctor Who episode, A Town Called Mercy.

  1. 0010110101100110011011000110010101110011
  2. You will constantly be questioning who is really the bad guy
  3. The Doctor finds himself in two gun duels
  4. 0111010001100011011101010111001001110100011100110110010101100100
  5. “Oh my god! You’re *** ********”
  6. Ben Browder gets quite a limited role, for a good reason
  7. Kahler-Jex has a dark secret
  8. 0110010101100011011011100110010101110101011100010110010101110011
  9. “We’d been at war for 9 years, a war that had decimated half of our planet”
  10. The Gunslinger has a unique power
  11. “When did we start letting people get ********!?”
  12. 01100100011001010110110101110101011100110110010101110010