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Doctor Who tribute “Arrows of Time” to go global in 2018

Imagine watching the Doctors peering down at you from the vastness of space as you watch from your seat below inside a darkened planetarium. You may not have to only imagine such an experience if you happen to live near one of the locations set to feature the Doctor Who tribute show Arrows of Time.

The premiere of this tribute show is to take place in Brno in the Czech Republish on the 19th of November this year. There will be a second performance on the 20th. However, don’t worry if you don’t live nearby because the show will be going on a global tour in 2018, though the precise dates have yet to be announced. The tour is said to be concluding in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe for a 3 week residency.

The imagery will be shown on a planetarium domed screen where viewers will see visuals of space provided by NASA, as well as the various Doctor’s as they tell a story complete with a foe described as being “older than time itself”. Several voice doubles will be used for the voices of the Tenth Doctor, originally played by David Tennant; the War Doctor, originally played by John Hurt; and the first Doctor, originally played by William Hartnell. The cast consists of some Big Finish actors as well, such as Christopher Thompson and Jacob Dudman. The entire cast can be viewed on the Arrows of Time IMDB page here. The production is four years in the making and has been officially approved by the BBC.

Writer, composer and co-director, Duncan Heady said:

It features the latest in technology and is a 3D, 4K, surround sound phenomenon! And places the audience at the centre of the show.

The Arrows of Time website says this about the show:

Not one, but ten Doctors battle it out with their darkest enemy ever, in this first multi-Doctor, multi-verse, fulldome planetarium show. Prepare to be taken on the adventure of your lifetimes as you help them battle The Given, an evil force older than the universe itself, in a desperate attempt to thwart his plans and save the universe from total destruction. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate companion?
This 4K show features animated biometric talking avatars, stunning visuals, and a brand new story culminating in the ultimate tribute to the world’s favourite sci-fi hero. Featuring the amazing voice talents of John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor in the BBC’s official fiftieth-anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor”, and Jacob Dudman, Big Finish’s newest star. This truly is a fan’s dream come true.
Fifty years of the time lord’s words, translated into Latin, the most universal of languages, combined with celestial music form a powerful oratorio. With stunning visuals and animation and you at its core, witness the universe as it struggles to reboot itself.

The musical soundtrack from the production can be purchased in MP3 format right now through Amazon for £6.93. Tickets for reserved seating can be purchased through the official Arrows of Time website here for the Brno showings. Future dates and locations for the 2018 tour will be posted there when available.

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