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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor & Clara Back For Christmas Special

There’s been some rumours recently circulating about a possible exit for Jenna Coleman in the Series 8 finale – but in an interview with BBC Radio Wales at today’s premiere of Deep Breath, Steven Moffat has confirmed that Coleman, along with Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, will be back for this year’s Christmas Special.

Moffat also confirmed that Capaldi and Coleman had wrapped filming on Series 8 yesterday (at the time of writing), though filming without the stars may still be continuing. Moffat stated:

“Peter and Jenna only wrapped on the show yesterday. We’re not letting them off the hook because they’re going to be doing the two premieres today, then they’re going off on the World Tour, then they’re coming back to shoot Christmas. There’s no let-up, not when you’re on this show!”

The World Tour continues tonight with the London premiere, and will visit Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio di Janeiro over the coming fortnight.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]