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Doctor Who: Under the Lake – Poll Results

For the past week you’ve been voting in our two polls for Under the Lake – our ‘rate the episode’ poll and our Question of the Week poll. We’ve now closed both polls and you can view the results below.

First up, our rate the episode poll. It was another very popular episode with TGT voters, though slightly less so than the first two episodes, becoming the third episode to have a majority of 5/5 votes in a row. In addition, once again, we had precisely zero 1/5 votes:

  • Excellent (5/5) – 48.57%
  • Very good (4/5) – 41.43%
  • OK (3/5) – 8.57%
  • Poor (2/5) – 1.43%
  • Dreadful (1/5) – 0%
Under the Lake had an average score of 4.37/5, and it’s a testament to the popularity of this series so far in the polls that it’s slotting in dead last on the Series 9 leaderboard at the moment, behind the acclaimed opening two-parter. Still, it’s not going to be last for long… Here’s our Series 9 leaderboard so far:
All average scores are out of 5.
  1. The Witch’s Familiar – 4.55
  2. The Magician’s Apprentice – 4.45
  3. Under the Lake – 4.37
Under the Lake‘s Question of the Week asked: ‘Who’s the most likely to die?’. Out of all the Drum’s crew members, who would be the most likely to meet their maker in tonight’s episode? It’s a good day to be a Drum crew member, as a majority of TGT voters predicted that everybody will make it out alive. Out of the crew members, it was Bennett who received the most votes:
  • Everybody Lives – 45.83%
  • Bennett – 19.44%
  • O’Donnell – 12.5%
  • Lunn – 9.72%
  • Cass – 6.94%
  • Clara – 2.78%
  • The Doctor – 2.78%

We’ll have a rate the episode poll for Before the Flood for you straight after the episode tonight at 9.10pm – and this week’s Question of the Week will be up tomorrow.