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Doctor Who Velocity Christmas Special

Doctor Who Velocity Christmas Special

The good folks at Doctor Who Velocity have done it again!  They’ve done their part to brighten everyone’s holiday with their very own Christmas Special! Because you can’t have a happy Who-mas without a healthy helping of Doctor Who.

Director Chris Phillips describes the episode as such:

“It’s a Christmas special which features the Vashta Nerada as the baddies – feasting on the flesh of their victims and locking their minds inside a never ending Christmas movie! We spent 6 weeks working on this from script to screen, and brought back our character’s Kevin and Gloria from episodes 2 and 3!”

Behind the scenes Doctor Who Velocity

Actress Krystal Moore (The Doctor) and actress Jen Potcher (Gloria Apiary)

The popular fan made series has been well received by fans online since they debuted their first episode back in October of 2017. They work with local acting talent and are a zero budget production. They have even recently teamed up with DW2012 on a fun Doctor Who fan film crossover which can be seen on the official DW2012 YouTube page.

The Doctor Who Velocity Christmas special can be seen on the Doctor Who Velocity YouTube page.  The team is always working on something new and exciting so keep an eye on them.  You never know what to expect.

For a review of the recent Christmas special by a member of our team feel free to click over to see what Ben had to say about it. Also, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.