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Doctor Who Velocity Ep 4 is on the way!

Fans of the popular fan made Doctor Who web series have had quite a wait since episode 03 came out. However, the wait is almost over. Doctor Who Velocity has released information and a trailer for the highly anticipated episode 04! We’re totally stoked to see how wickedly outrageous it’s going to be.

The Doctor seems to have travelled into the fantabulous 1980s.  Complete with raves and good old BBS communications, this episode is sure to bring back memories to anyone who lived through these colourful times.  It does beg the questions though… Just what trouble is the Doctor going to get mixed up in this time?


We’re going back to the summer of 1989! Get ready to re-live the Summer of Rave again and again. When the Doctor arrives at Stonehenge can she figure out what mysterious force is threatening the local party scene?

1989 was a big year for Doctor Who fans of the classic series.  Fans may recall that this was the year the BBC stopped making new episodes of the beloved television program.  However, according to Chris Phillips, editor and director of Doctor Who Velocity, there was a lot more involved in choosing this year for the episode.

“I wanted to make an episode about UK rave culture – I’m from Braintree in Essex, which is where dance group The Prodigy are from. I started writing a plot based around a real-life venue called The Barn where they used to hang out. When I started revising the script I realised that venue didn’t have enough wide appeal, so I started to explore Stonehenge. I then found out the ‘Summer of Rave’ was a real thing in 1989 – illegal dance parties happened all over England. Young people were rebelling against the 80’s culture of aspiring to be rich “yuppies”. This was the era of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Young people were being told the best thing in life was to get credit cards and buy all these luxury things. But only those in the bubble of London were getting rich, in the suburbs kids were poor and neglected. So they turned to illegal dance parties to rebel.” — Chris Phillips

The Velocity group teamed up with Kody Newton, a filmmaker in their local area who had access to an Arri Alexa camera. This is the same type of camera used during filming of Doctor Who by the BBC. “It was really fun to use as the image looks fantastic and the colours are amazing”, Phillips said. Though a terrific opportunity, Phillips also admitted that this bulky camera caused them to really have to fully plan each shot out carefully before setting up.

Stonehenge is a truly iconic historic location. Unable to film at the actual location, the team had the challenge of recreating it on a zero budget. “We ended up using a combination of a few visual fx shots and full-size cardboard models in a field! We also only have a Toyota Yaris which is tiny, so our 10ft high Stonehenge had to fold up and fit inside it!”, Phillips explains.

But what would the 1980s be without its iconic fashion?  Fear not, the team put a lot of thought into the costumes for this episode. Choosing some vintage looks from a local thrift shop, the team made sure to give the actors some vibrant options to create just the right look.  The Doctor even dresses up for the rave scene which is sure to be really fun.  Phillips explains, “Part of 80s yuppie culture was all the girls wore these hideous nylon dresses and heels – so the Rave scene rebelled against that – it was about the girls wearing tracksuits, jeans, baggy jumpers and trainers.”

It sounds like the Doctor’s former companion Ace would fit right into this episode.  That may be because Doctor Who Velocity took a lot of inspiration from the popular ex-companion. “We love Ace. Her whole vibe is what influenced our show. I remember wondering ‘what would Ace be like if she were the Doctor?’ when I first started planning it actually”, said Phillips. He added “As for whether she would get along with our version of The Doctor…? I will let our audience work that out. As River Song might say…. ‘SPOILERS!'” Oh, what a devious taunt. It looks like fans may have even more surprises to look forward to from Doctor Who Velocity.

Episode four of Doctor Who Velocity is set to release in June of 2019.  Fans can watch the new episode on the official Doctor Who Velocity Youtube channel or their Facebook page.