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Doctor Who: Velocity is getting an Episode Two

Fan made Doctor Who: Velocity has received a lot of love from the whovian community online since its release of episode one in October. Now fans have a second episode to look forward to.

The fan made series was filmed in Idaho, USA with a local cast and stars Krystal Moore in the role of the Doctor. Some fans have been hoping for a female Doctor to take over piloting the TARDIS for quite some time. Chris Phillips, who directed the first episode, said about their take on the popular television serial, “Our fan film, with the female Doctor, is rather successful”.

Phillips has experience in video editing and motion graphics from his work on MTV and The Guardian [Newspaper].  When he and partner Moore started throwing ideas back and forth about a Doctor Who fan film he says, “I was really excited to work on something that might connect with a real audience!”

The team has no funding for their endeavours and work on their project in their spare time. Phillips states, “We started filming on Sept 15th and we had the episode out on October 31st – so production took six weeks of spare time”. He goes on to say:

“The script took a few days over about 2 weeks to write. We learned a lot from the first one! It will mean we can improve on the next episodes. When we first started writing we only planned on doing 1 episode so we crammed a lot in and not having made a drama before I didn’t wanna have TOO much talking if we couldn’t pull it off – as it happened the performances were really good, I was so lucky to find great actors locally. It means we can go more in depth in the future.”

The first episode has received over 30,000 views online since it was uploaded in late October. It is currently available to watch on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can view the trailer for the first episode below.

Phillips expressed his gratitude for their online following stating, “We couldn’t be happier with the response to the first episode. Krystal already wrote a second episode and, with any luck, we’ll produce even more”. The cast and crew which includes Krystal Moore, Chris Phillips, Jen Potcher, Chance Fuerstinger, Scott Grady, Dylan Wood and Paycen McGahey are celebrating the success of the first episode by hosting a party in Boise, Idaho on the 18th of November. For those not able to attend, it will be live streamed via their Facebook page. Afterwards they will continue their filming of the second episode, which has already begun.

Also attending the party is the life size TARDIS replica used in their episodes. The replica was borrowed from local pop-culture retailer Re-Pop Gifts. When not on loan the TARDIS can be seen featured in the shop at 3107 W State St in Boise, Idaho.

Phillips is a fan of classic Who while partner Moore prefers the more modern episodes. They try to retain a balance in their episodes that represents both aspects of the original BBC program. When I asked Phillips about what the team has planned for episode two and the future of the show he had this to say:

“The Master has kidnapped The Doctor and they’re on their way to Gallifrey. The Master is hoping to trade The Doctor in who is wanted for messing with time… but who might stop them? What might mess up The Masters plans? We’ve got some surprises coming you might not expect. Generally we’re gonna keep the fun action packed feel, but expand out the characters and give the actors a bit more meat to work with.”

This is not a review, so if you want to know more about the episode, why not give it a watch? It’s only 10 minutes long. If you are left wanting more, you wont have too long to wait! If fans are wondering how they can support the project, Phillips says, “I’d rather keep it zero budget as it’s a fun challenge”. Fans can still get involved though. Phillips asks those wanting to help out to “Comment, like, subscribe”, adding “We might possibly make some limited merch”. It sounds like this is just the beginning for Doctor Who: Velocity. We’ll be excited to see where the future takes them.

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