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Doctor Who: Will The Classic Doctors Appear Digitally in the 50th Anniversary Special?

We know that at least one Doctor is set to appear in the flesh in Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary Special – The Tenth Doctor – but a rumour posted by tabloid The Daily Star claims that the ‘classic’ Doctors (i.e. the first eight) will appear digitally in the special via use of archive footage. The article states:

Viewers will see Matt Smith, 30, mingle with all the actors from the previous BBC series, including the late William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee. 

TV chiefs came up with the plan, thanks to fellow sci-fi smash Star Trek

In 1996, the cast of spin-off series Deep Space Nine had an adventure with the original Enterprise crew Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (William Shatner, 82, and Leonard Nimoy, 82) as they looked in the 1960s.  

The show used hi-tech wizardry to digitally insert the young stars from Deep Space Nine into old footage from an episode called The Trouble With Tribbles, which aired in 1967. 

Now BBC bosses plan to do the same. In November’s TV special to mark 50 years of Doctor Who, fans will see the current Doctor come face to face with all of the former Doctors who include Tom Baker, 79, Colin Baker, 69, and Peter Davison, 62. 

He will be “placed” into clips from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to make it look as though he is really there and interacting with his old Time Lord selves. 

Ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant, 42, is the only actor who will appear in the flesh in the episode.

The Daily Star are well-known for their ‘insider scoops’ which often turn out to be false, so take this with the usual pinch of salt. However, they sometimes do post genuine scoops, so don’t write this rumour off just yet…