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Doctor Who: Will The Mummies Return In Series 7: Part 2?

There might just be another classic monster returning in Series 7: Part 2. Today’s Daily Mail claims that the monster in a recently released picture (see below) from episode two, Neil Cross’ The Rings of Akhaten (TBC) is a new incarnation of the robot mummies from Fourth Doctor story Pyramids of Mars.

The Mail says:

”Another foe will also be gunning for the Time Lord – the Mummies. Mummies are servicer robots given their name because of the protective bandages wrapped round their bodies. They faced off against Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Doctor in the episode, Pyramids of Mars in the 13th series.”

While this may be just another faked rumor (the Daily Mail are particularly notable for their fake scoops), this does have some evidence behind it. The tag on the official BBC site on the photo reads ‘Are you my Mummy’, implying that perhaps this creature is a Mummy (though not necessarily those Mummies). Still, take this with the customary pinch of salt, and speculate away!

Doctor Who will return with The Bells of Saint John on Saturday 30th March.