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Doctor Who Writers Join The Gallifrey Times

Anthony around midnight during the wait online for
the NYC Screening of Doctor Who series 6 April 2011

Greetings Whovians!

An Introduction to two new members of The Gallifrey Times.

No we are not writers for the Doctor Who TV show, as the title of this post may have momentarily caused you to think, but we have written about Doctor Who for a book published by Kitsune Books. More on that shortly.

Anthony Burdge here one of two new team members for The Gallifrey Times. The second is my wife Jessica Burke (who is currently away visiting her parents) and we are a husband and wife team who love all things Doctor Who.

We are independent scholars who have for the last 10 years published scholarly essays, chapters in collections and encyclopedia entries.  We have recently begun to venture into writing fiction.

We have been lifelong Doctor Who fans and recall distinctly watching episodes on PBS in New York and seeing the young members of The Gallifreyan Embassy conduct fundraisers for the station.  We were lucky in those days (early 1980’s) if we got Doctor Who stories the same year.  For the most part the stories aired in the US were years behind, long before the UK and US broadcast Doctor Who on the same night!

My first recollection of Doctor Who is of Sarah Jane Smith holding out the ring of Eldrad with a possessed look about her in The Hand of Fear.


Unfortunately this was Sarah Jane’s last story, at that point, and the departure of Elisabeth Sladen from the show.  Many remember who their first Doctor  was, and as you can imagine the Fourth Doctor was mine as Sarah Jane was my first companion who helped me travel alongside the Doctor.

A bit about Jessica and I, we are not just fans. We are fans who love Doctor Who so much we decided to write a book about it. A book for fans by fans.

With our colleague Kristine Larsen we edited and contributed, alongside other Whovians, to create a volume of essays entitled: The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who.  The book is comprised of 10 very readable chapters, 3 by the editors, that discuss the influence of myth on the writing of Doctor Who and the internal mythology of the Doctor’s world(s).   It was published in May of 2010 and followed by The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman in April 2012.  The latter book concerning Neil Gaiman examines his body of literary works through a mythological lens.  Each book was published by Kitsune Books.  Neil Gaiman as you know wrote the Doctor Who story for Series 6, “The Doctor’s Wife.”

We regularly publish articles about all of our interests in Doctor Who and geekdom on our blog: Comfy Chair: Two Fans and their Dimensional Console.  

We look forward to bringing you all the latest in all things Doctor Who in any medium he may be present.

You can also find us on twitter under the name MYTHICDOCWHO