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Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion – Question of the Week

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for The Zygon Invasion. If you haven’t seen the episode, click away now!

During Series 8, we introduced our Question of the Week polls, asking TGT readers for their opinions on one of the burning questions left by that week’s episode, and releasing the results the following week. We’re continuing that for Series 9, with a new poll every Sunday!

For episode seven, The Zygon Invasion, we’re looking at the return of fan favourite Osgood. The episode revealed that the real Osgood and her Zygon duplicate had agreed to police the ceasefire by acting as a ‘hybrid’ of human and Zygon, refusing to answer which race either one was. Even after Osgood’s death in the Series 8 finale, the remaining Osgood who survived, the one we saw in this episode, refused to answer whether she was Zygon or human.
You may have guessed our question this week, then: ‘Is Osgood Zygon or human?’. Which one, of the two Osgoods, is the remaining survivor? Leave your thoughts in the poll below:

Is Osgood a Zygon or a human?

We’ll be revealing the results of this poll on Saturday 7th November, alongside the results of our traditional rate the episode poll (which you can vote in here). We’ll have the Question of the Week for The Zygon Inversion next Sunday!