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Doctor Who’s 46th Anniversary

As you might already know, today is Doctor Who’s 46th Anniversary! Forty-six years ago today, the first ever episode, An Unearthy Child, was broadcast on BBC One for the the first ever time. The Time Lord was born.

The programme has seen 754 episodes, 10 Doctors (Until next year), and 30 series’. On 6th December 1989, Doctor Who, it was thought had come to an end.
But, hope was not lost, on 26th March 2005, the series was relaunched by Russell T Davies, and the show has seen a further four (five next year) series, with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant (Matt Smith from next year) portraying The Doctor.
So, we would like to congratulate the BBC, for making such a brilliant long running, sci-fi drama.