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Doctor Who’s Complexity Should Be Celebrated, Says Steven Moffat

Speaking to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday, Doctor Who’s Executive Producer Steven Moffat said that the more complex storylines should be celebrated, hitting back at critics who recently said that the show is becoming too complicated.

He also claimed that he got no “actual feedback” from viewers that the show had become too complicated.

“It’s demanding television, but isn’t that something to celebrate?” 

“We are doing the opposite of dumbing down. Shouldn’t that be celebrated and not criticised?” 

Commenting on the subject of whether Doctor Who is a children’s show or an adult drama, he joked: “Everyone by the end of the opening music is a kid!

“It is watched by more adults than kids, but there is something at its heart, which belongs to children. 

“All the best stuff is children’s. You look at a risotto on a menu and you see the children’s menu and there’s sausage and chips. All the good stuff belongs to children.”

Do you think the show has become too complex?