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Doctor Who’s Designer Is The ‘Special Guest Star’ of Series 7: Part 2

The new series of Doctor Who is full of guest stars: Diana Rigg, Jessica Raine, Warwick Davis, Celia Imrie, Liam Cunningham and Ashley Walters are just a handful of the stars that’ll be popping up in the next eight episodes. But the ‘special guest star’ of Series 7: Part 2 might just be the chief designer of Doctor Who, Michael Pickwoad.

Pickwoad started working on Doctor Who in late 2010 with A Christmas Carol, and had been responsible for dozens upon dozens of sets since then, including the two biggest sets in the show’s history (the Dalek Parliament from Asylum of the Daleks and the spaceship corridors from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship), and the brilliant new TARDIS interior which debuted in The Snowmen.

In the latest issue of SFX, Caroline Skinner said:

“Our designer Michael Pickwoad should probably be credited as special guest star on quite a few of our episodes this year, because some of the sets and the vistas that he’s accomplished are just absolutely mindblowing, not least in the detail but in the imagination. And obviously an episode with that title (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, episode five of the new series) is a designer’s dream. He went away and came back with piles worth of sketches that would make any fan explode.”

 Doctor Who will return with The Bells of St John on Saturday 30th March.