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Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan Says Amy & Rory Exit Is Very Final

Karen Gillan who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who has said that although not necessarily fatal, the Ponds departure from Doctor Who will be ‘very final’ when the couple depart the show in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Asked about executive producer, Steven Moffat’s description of her final episodes as a “love letter to the Ponds”, Karen told The Big Issue: “That doesn’t necessarily mean death, but it will be pretty final.

“So yeah, you are going to cry. I hope so, anyway. I like making you cry. That makes me happy…”

“I love this girl… I want to see her go out in flames of glory, where we see her at her absolute best.

“I just want people to look back over the Pond era fondly. I have had the best years of my life on this show, hand on my heart.”

You can read the full interview with Karen Gillan in this week’s Big Issue.