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Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Slips Possible Pond Exit Spoiler?


So, as of yet we don’t know how exactly Amy and Rory will be leaving Doctor Who in Episode 5 of Series 7, The Angels Take Manhattan, but Matt Smith may have just revealed how exactly the couple are departing the show.

Speaking to Mary Sue, Smith said: “What’s really interesting about these next five episodes… it deals with the fall of the Ponds and the demise of those two great companions that the Doctor is hugely, hugely attached to and had such a significant impact on him as a character and for me as an actor. So that’s bound to be an event that flips his universe massively.”

The keyword above is obviously ‘demise’ which usually means a person’s death.

Matt Smith also gave his thoughts on which actress he would like to see play a female Doctor, if The Doctor did actually become a woman.

“I think there are many actresses that could play it because there are so many wonderful actresses. I mean, it would change the role because she would be a woman so when you put her in a room full of men, it’s a different scenario than if you put a man in a room full of men, because she’s a different sex. Would it change the fundamentals of the character? No. But it’s an interesting idea, if the Doctor’s a woman, does she have a Doctor baby? Is there a mini-Doctor? I don’t know, who knows?

He added: “What actresses could play her? Oh gosh, so many, so many could play her. It depends on what age you would want. It could be…Charlize Theron is pretty kick ass, isn’t she? They just have to find a brilliant actress. I never see that happening any time soon to be honest. I don’t think it will happen. [Because you’re not leaving us?] No. And I’m not turning into a woman.”