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Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi Teases Series 9

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Peter Capaldi shed some light on the forthcoming series of Doctor Who, teasing his experience of working with guest star Maisie Williams and discussing his upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic-Con.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, Peter enthused about looking forward to the popular event:

“Comic-Con is so legendary, so a great thrill to be invited along.”

In a previous interview, Peter explained that he was always more intrigued than frightened by Doctor Who. However, the panels at Comic-Con are famed for the mania of a room full of passionate fans, and Peter confessed to feeling nervous appearing in front of over 7,000 people at the Doctor Who panel:

“Very nervous. Don’t think I’ve ever stood in front of 7,000 people in my life. But if 7,000 people want to see us, it would be rude not to turn up.”

Matt Smith previously walked the Comic-Con floor disguised as popular Simpsons character Bart Simpson. Would Peter do the same this year, and if so, what character or monster would he dress up as?

“A white walker from Game of Thrones. Or, from Doctor Who, a menoptra.”

Peter gave a small glimpse into the forthcoming two-part premiere, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar:

“It places the Doctor in a conflict that is central to his being, as well as containing some subtle tributes to the ’60s, and truly wonderful guest performances.”

Additionally, Entertainment Weekly have supplied an exclusive photograph from the series premiere (see below), the first to have been made public.

When asked about the details behind the exclusive photograph, Peter was able to share some cryptic details of the Doctor’s situation:

“The photo shows the Doctor about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions.”

The Doctor faces weird and wonderful adventures in every series, and Peter elaborated on the character development for forthcoming series:

“He’s throwing himself into life with a newfound hunger for adventure. He’s in pursuit of joy and grabbing every thrill that he can along the way. But I sense him running from something, that even he does not yet understand.”

The monsters and villains in each series never fail to scare and thrill viewers. Entertainment Weekly asked what enemies the Doctor would be facing:

“There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that. Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotion and ambition.”

It was previously announced that Michelle Gomez would be reprising her role as Missy in the forthcoming series. Peter enthused about the reappearance of Missy:

“In the hands of Michelle Gomez, Missy is more magnificently bad than ever before.”

Maisie Williams, known for her popular role as Arya Stark in HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, was recently confirmed as a new guest star. Peter described his experience of working with her:

“Maisie is fantastic. A sharp, talented tornado. As an 18-year-old, she has taught me many new words and expressions. All I’ll say about her character is she shifts in cosmic ways.” 

Further details were also given on the relationship between Clara Oswald and the Doctor in the forthcoming series, and how it would develop:

“They’ve suddenly realised that they are the most fortunate people in all of time and space and are hellbent on adventure. Jenna continues to deliver a beautifully nuanced, complex and funny performance that marks her out as one of the best companions ever.”

Lastly, with Jenna’s previous plans to leave Doctor Who at the end of the previous series, but however changing her mind and staying, Entertainment Weekly asked if the forthcoming series would be Jenna’s last:

“I hope not.”

There are so many elements to look forward to in series 9, so what are you looking forward to the most? As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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