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Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat On ‘Feature-Length’ 50th Special

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has given a new interview to Three If By Space in which he talks about the challenges of making the 50th Anniversary special within the constraints of the show’s budgets. Speaking to them at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, he explained that while they were determined to push the boat out with the scope of the story and the required special effects, the budget they were given from the BBC made that a difficult task, but he assured fans that they managed to pull it off.

“It was unbelievably tough actually making the 50th. It was extraordinarily difficult mainly because we were trying to push the boat out and as ever we didn’t have enough money. We were making a feature-length Doctor Who on the schedule and budget for an hour. We’re doing it in 3D on the budget for 2D…You will not see that on screen. It looks amazing.”

Though no running time has yet been confirmed for the special, Moffat’s talk of a ‘feature-length’ Doctor Who seems to indicate fans can expect at least 90 minutes, news that will be surely be welcomed. The episode starring Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt will also see the return of Billie Piper, and will be simulcast worldwide on November 23rd. Moffat was asked whether he felt under pressure when given the responsibility of leading the show through its 50th anniversary.

“It’s always pressure on Doctor Who, it really is. I’m always wary of the episodes where you announce in advance ‘This is a very important episode!’ because it’s up to the audience. Blink has become my calling card and that was a filler episode to get around a scheduling problem! So I’m very wary of saying this one is really good in advance. I think it’s a lot of fun and I think you’ll see some stuff you haven’t seen before. And you’ll see it in three dimensions if you don’t mind the headache and glasses.”

[Source: Doctor Who TV]