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Doom Coalition To Be Launched By Big Finish

Another huge project, Doom Coalition is to be released in October by Big Finish. Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in what will be a sixteen episode drama (to be broken down into four boxed sets).

The Eighth Doctor, alongside companion Liv Chenka (played by Nicola Walker) are to be joined in the TARDIS by a third party, the gifted humanist Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan) in the exciting new adventure Doom Coalition. The thriller will see the Doctor being called back to Gallifrey where a battle against a brand new foe, The Eleven, begins.

The production is to be directed by Ken Bentley. Producer David Richardson is hopeful that Doom Coalition will welcome new audiences to Big Finish audio dramas. He says:

Doom Coalition is unlike anything we’ve seen attempted before. It’s on a scale that we hope will satisfy loyal listeners. It’s also a new, completely stand-alone adventure, making it a great place to start if you’re listening to Doctor Who on audio for the first time.”

Talking about Helen, a character new to the TARDIS, team, Richardson explains:

“Helen is from 1963. She was, in part, inspired by Doctor Who’s first producer Verity Lambert. She’s a driven, career-minded woman in a male driven dominated profession and she’s a head-strong and capable companion in the mould of Barbara Wright, Sarah Jane Smith, and Tegan Jovanka.”

Richardson goes on to talk about the actress behind Helen, Hattie Morahan:

“Hattie had been on our radar for some time and we’d been waiting for the right role to come along. When we were recording Dark Eyes 4 Hattie’s name came up during conversation and Paul [McGann] got very enthusiastic telling us how much he’d like to work with her. The pieces just fell into place. It was the most effortless casting ever.”

The villain in Doom Coalition, The Eleven, is not entirely new to the Doctor, who captured the evil Time Lord in a previous incarnation where he was imprisoned on Gallifrey by the Seventh Doctor. Now though, having regenerated into a sinister lunatic, The Eleven has escaped and is more dangerous than ever.

The Eleven is played by Mark Bonnar, part of a rich cast of actors, featuring stars ranging from productions such as Downton Abbey, Game Of Thrones, Spooks and Queer As Folk to name just a few.

David Richardson tells us:

‘The overall story of Doom Coalition was devised by myself and Ken Bentley over the course of many walks to the studio. Our framework has been fleshed out by a fantastic team of writers, and realised by a brilliant cast – and I can’t wait for the Roller Coaster to begin’

The first part of Doom Coalition will be released in October 2015, and the following 3 releases will follow at six month intervals.

[Source: Doctor Who News]