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Dr Who Short Stories Coming Ahead Of The 50th Anniversary

You might have noticed there’s been the odd bit of buzz about the upcoming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, including rampant casting rumours and even a commemorative stamp set. Well, eleven children’s authors are teaming up to bring us eleven short stories, each based around a different Doctor.

There will be a new story released for free online each month, before the collection is gathered into a paperback that will be published by Puffin in November.

We’ll learn who is writing the first story on Monday 7th of this month, and the first story is slated for release on the 23rd. Until then, the only clue we have to go on is that the authors are “well-known”. This being the internet, I’m sure there will be plenty of speculation on who will write which Doctor, whether they’ll feature classic monsters or old companions and everything else inbetween.

Who do you think will be among the authors? Who would you like to see?