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DWM #413 Covers 1 & 2

Yesterday, cover 1 for DWM #413 was released and today cover 2 has been unveiled. The covers can be seen above. For issue 413, there will be 4 collector’s covers to mark 200 episodes of Doctor Who and in this issue, all 200 of them are rated by the readers!

Cover 1 features Tom Baker as the 4th doctor in his adventure, ‘City Of Death’, and the second cover features Peter Davsion as the 5th doctor, in his story, The Caves Of Androzani.

The offical information for DWM #413 can be seen below:

Issue 413 of Doctor Who Magazine, on sale on Thursday 17 September will reveal the results of the biggest poll of Doctor Who stories ever!
So, which Doctor has the most stories – five of ‘em – in the Top 10? What do The Ribos Operation and Frontios have in common?

Which story leaps up the chart to Number 17, after missing the Top 20 altogether last time round?

And finally, which brilliant tale prevails in an exceptionally tight race between favourites old and new to take the title of THE BEST DOCTOR WHO STORY OF ALL TIME? Find out very soon…

DWM #413 will be released on Thursday 17th September at the RRP of £3.99 and will be available in all good newsagents.