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doctor who christmas special

DWM confirms no Doctor Who Christmas special this year

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine has seemingly confirmed that we will not be getting an episode of Doctor Who on Christmas day, teasing a preview of a New Year’s Day special instead.

From robot Santas to wartime truces, the Doctor Who Christmas special has been a tradition for 13 years since the Tenth Doctor burst onto our screens in 2005’s The Christmas Invasion. The Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors also debuted in post-regeneration scenes at the end of Christmas specials.

However, Series 11 has thrown us yet another change, with the BBC deciding to move the special to New Year’s Day. The last episode to be shown on New Year’s Day was the The End of Time (Part Two) in 2010 in which the Tenth Doctor regenerated into the Eleventh.

new year special

The news of the change was originally reported by the Mirror earlier this month, though it was speculated (and no doubt hoped) to be rumour. The article also claimed there would be another “gap year” with Series 12 airing in 2020.

The BBC haven’t released an official statement yet, but we will keep you up to date with more news around the special.

dwm 532

In the meantime, Doctor Who Magazine #532 is available from shops now.