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EastEnders Star Wants Doctor Who Role

 Doctor Who continues to get bigger and better each year and it’s no surprise that stars are queueing up to take part. The latest star to express their desire to take part in Doctor Who is EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt who plays Ian Beale.

During an interview with Radio Times recently, Adam was asked by them, as he is a Star Trek fan, “But if you could be in any other show, would it be Star Trek?”

Adam replied: “I think I would have to say ‘yes’ to that. I also fancy Doctor Who – I want to be an alien, heavily made up so people wouldn’t be able to tell it was me. I think everyone of my generation would like to do Doctor Who because we all have something significant from the show that we remember from childhood.”

What do you think Whovians, would you like to see Adam in Doctor Who.