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The Eleventh Hour – Tonight!

After a long wait since Matt Smith hit our screens on New Years Day as the regenerated Time Lord, Series 5 begins tonight with the first episode out of thirteen entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour’. You can view tonight’s episode synopsis below:

Geronimo! A brand-new Doctor crashing to Earth. New face, new body, new man. And he’s barely staggered out of the blue box, before he’s found himself in the middle of the Crisis That Just Won’t Stop! No time to rest and recover, no Tardis, no screwdriver – just six billion human beings about to die and only one man to save them. But the new Doctor encounters more than danger – this is the day he meets Amy Pond. Can he persuade her to trust him, when he’s been letting her down all her life?

The Eleventh Hour begins tonight starring Matt Smith as The Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond on BBC One & HD at 6.20 pm.

PLUS! At 7:25PM tonight, come and join us in our Episode Discussion, the place to express your views on the episode!