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Elisabeth Sladen Praises Matt Smith’s SJA Performance

Sarah Jane Adventures star, Elisabeth Sladen has today praised Matt Smith for his performance in Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In a press release by the BBC, Elisabeth said:

He’d just come back from Los Angeles and he was absolutely jet-lagged. They gave him this big scene to start with. He walked into this unfamiliar set-up and no matter who you are, I think you feel that.

She added:

He just had a week and he was really, really good,” she said. “I think people will love it.

In other news Elisabeth Sladen has said she cannot explain why her character, Sarah Jane Smith is so popular.

She said:

I’d have to go back to Barry Letts – my first producer on Doctor Who. I owe him not just a great debt for work but for the way he handled the programme and my character. I was also fortunate with my Doctors, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, because I think we worked so well together.

She also said: 

There are things I aspire to in Sarah Jane. She has a huge frailty but she won’t give up. She almost has a child’s sense of what’s fair and what’s not fair.

It’s something you have to lose as an adult but she just doesn’t let go of that and maybe that is something that makes people feel safer. I don’t know what her appeal is really but I love her – I really do.

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 begins on 11th October 2010 at 5:15PM on CBBC Channel.