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The End Of The Gallifrey Times

Ok. so as earlier reported by The Gallifrey Times, we were likely to open until the end of the year, but sadly that statement has been short lived.

I have thought over for this decision long and hard over the past few days, and have finally come up with a decision, The Gallifrey Times close with immediate effect.

A lot of people seem to be closing at this time, and we have followed suit, and this is why, we just report news that everyone has heard of, sometimes we’re early, but most of the time, we just cannot publish news 24/7, so it is with regret that The Gallifrey Times will close with immediate effect.

Of course, we could not leave without saying a few thank you’s to our visitors and especially these:

  • Becky (TOCS)
  • Sylar (UDW)
  • Ro (CoT)
  • Rhi (TBWT)
  • Brad (TGV)
  • Meg (L-S)
  • Rachael
  • Ash (Gallifrey Productions)
  • OliLord (T-T)
  • Kane

Sorry, if I missed you out, but all of you out there, thank you, thank you so much for supporting The Gallifrey Times.

Of course, the Newsletter is no more, however the website and email will remain open for a possible return. Enjoy Doctor Who and it’s spin offs forever, as we will always remember the programme.

Again, thank you for your support and have a good life, remember there are lots of news sites out there, and we reccommend you visit them, they can be find on our Links page. Goodbye and Farewell.

With Regards,
Tom – The Gallifrey Times