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Episode Discussion & Poll – Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion

The Zygon Inversion has just finished in the UK, and we invite you now to share your opinions to share your views of the episode in The Gallifrey Times’ Episode Discussion & Poll.

You can vote in our poll below and the results will be revealed on Saturday 14th November.

What did you think of The Zygon Inversion?

As always, you can comment below by logging in using a variety of services including Facebook and Twitter!

You can also discuss the episode on Twitter by tweeting us @GallifreyTimes. If you’ve not yet seen the episode, we recommend that you don’t take part or look at the comments below until after you’ve seen it!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your views on The Zygon Inversion! Our Question of the Week poll and team review will be up in the next couple of days.