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Eve Myles In One-Off Role

Eve Myles has moved from Torchwood to teaching! Yes the acrtress will be starring in the one off Drama, ‘Framed’. Along with Trevor Eve, the actress will be playing the role of the local school teacher, Angharad.

The 90 minute drama, will air tommorow (Monday) at 8:30PM.

“It’s been quite difficult actually because I’m used to doing bold things with guns,” she said.

Then she said, “Angharad is different to Gwen she’s quieter, more thoughtful. She is not soft, she is feisty but she is a lot more complicated. She’s quite nosy, but she’s only nosy because she’s been living there for such a long time and not a lot happens.”
The synopsis for the one-off Comedy Drama, can be seen below:

One-off comedy drama, starring Trevor Eve and Eve Myles. When the National Gallery is flooded, all the paintings are transferred to a Welsh slate mine for safe-keeping, prompting two local children to concoct a scheme they hope will bring their estranged father home. Accompanying the pictures to the quiet village is reserved curator Lester, whose attitude starts to change when a misunderstanding brings him a new appreciation of art – and the prospect of love. Adapted by Frank Cottrell Boyce from his own novel

Don’t forget that ‘Framed’ will air on Bank Holiday Monday on BBC One at 8:30PM