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EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who Legacy Code for the Brigadier + New Costume!

NOTE: The code is no longer active, so it has been removed from the post.

To celebrate the series finale this evening, we’ve teamed up with the great developers of popular mobile game Doctor Who Legacy to offer all TGT readers a special code for the Brigadier and his brand new black and white costume in the game!

While we’ve had competitions for codes previously, we’re excited to be able to give all TGT readers the code this time – until 11am GMT on Monday morning, the code below will unlock Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and his special costume from classic story Web of Fear in Legacy:

The code will expire on Monday morning at 11am, so redeem it quickly so you don’t miss out! You can tweet us @GallifreyTimes with your new character and we’ll retweet the best.
Happy playing!