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Exclusive Series 11 crew shirts are popular on Twitter

As series 11 wrapped fans were excited to see the cast and crew posting about it on Twitter. But fans were also interested in something else in these photos… The shirts.

The crew of Doctor Who series 11 got exclusive short sleeve shirts to wear that identified them as part of the crew. These navy blue tops featured the new Doctor Who logo as well as a rainbow stripe as seen worn by the new thirteenth Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. The words ‘Cast & Crew 2018’ are displayed next to a rainbow TARDIS.



With such a positive response from fans it makes one wonder if we’ll be seeing any of these shirts up for auction on eBay any time soon. For now we can just watch in envy as we see more and more photos being released of the exclusive shirts being worn proudly by those involved in the series 11 filming.

For now any fans wanting to sport a stylish rainbow stripe shirt will have to settle for something a little less exclusive like the Magnoli Clothiers Rainbow T-Shirt modelled after the thirteenth Doctor’s costume. Though more official shirts are bound to become available following the series 11 premiere this Autumn. Just don’t expect to see the cast and crew version available in the BBC shop.


Source: Twitter