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Fan Favourite Doctor Who Writers Bowing Out for Series 11

Mark Gatiss and Sarah Dollard, who have written some of the most memorable episodes of Doctor Who since its 2005 reboot say they won’t be writing episodes for series 11. Whittaker’s Doctor will likely have her adventures written by an all new staff of writers. At least for now…

Gatiss is known for having written nine episodes of Doctor Who, including Victory of the Daleks; The Crimson Horror; and The Unquiet Dead, but he isn’t being kicked to the curb by the new show runner. He explained, “Chris Chibnall very sweetly emailed me and said he’d love me to continue because I’m a big part of the Doctor Who family, which I was very touched by”. The writer humbly declined the offer but does this mean we will never get another Gatiss episode? Gatiss says, “At the moment, I don’t know. Never say never. But I’ve had such a brilliant time and I feel very blessed to have worked on it for 10 years. It might just be time for someone else to have a go”.

Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss

The former Doctor Who writer expresses how this is not a bad thing for him, saying “That’s just like being 8 years old and sitting in front of the TV again, and not knowing anything, which in this day and age is a very unusual situation”. He added “Yes [it’s strange] but it’s nice”.

“I’m just very excited about not knowing anything and it’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to say that, literally, when it starts, I won’t know a thing about the new approach – the music, the title sequence, the inside of the TARDIS, the stories, the writers. I don’t know anything!” – Mark Gatiss

However, this doesn’t mean we will never see another episode penned by the former writer. Gatiss suggests, “I’d just like to enjoy it and have a proper break, and maybe, if Chris wants me, I might do something”.

“There always used to be a cliché about writers being Who-ed out […] As a teenager, I used to think, ‘This will never happen!’ But of course it’s true. Certainly, I think everyone benefits from a bit of rest.” – Mark Gatiss

Sarah Dollard, another popular Doctor Who writer, is also bowing out for Series 11. Dollard is known for writing Face the Raven and Thin Ice. In a recent interview with Rogues Portal she admitted she is just too busy at the moment.

“I am properly sad to be saying goodbye to Twelve and Bill, but I’m delighted that the Doctor is finally presenting as a woman and I know Jodie Whitaker will be brilliant. Rachel Talalay has told me some deliberately vague yet still very exciting things about her take on the character, so I’m doubly excited.
I won’t be on S11 due to workload/schedule clashes this past year, but I had a really great chat with Chris about his plans. So hopefully, I’ve left the door open for a possible return in the future. It would be an honour to work with him and write for Thirteen.” – Sarah Dollard

It looks like these writers are leaving for now but are willing to possibly return at some point in the future to write some more adventures in time and space for everyone’s favourite Time Lord. It will be interesting to watch the new series with a completely new cast, crew and writers.  We really don’t know what to expect!

Pearl Mackie, Sarah Dollard and Peter Capaldi (Photo From Sarah Dollard’s Twitter)

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