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Fan Site Awards 2010 – Results

So, the time has come! The 2010 Fan Site Awards Results!

Unfortunately only 8 Awards were rewarded, as there was not a SJA Site or Graphics Site that entered. So 8 received awards, but unfortunately there were 6 that did not, but you do get an award for entering!

So, the 2010 Fan Site Awards Results!

Best Fan Site Overall
Goes To: Doctor Who Fansite
Best Doctor Who Fan Site
Goes To: Blink
Best Torchwood Fan Site
Goes To: Torchwood Fansite
Best Media Website
Goes To: Doctor Who Media
Most Popular Site
Goes To: Tardis Console News
Most Professional Site
Goes To: Who Ville
Most Updated Site
Goes To: Tardis Console News
And, last but not definitley not least! The Voted Best Site Award! This award has been voted by you, the visitors to The Gallifrey Times, and this special award goes to:
Doctor Who Media
Unfortunately 6 of you that entered did not receive an award, I’m very sorry, but there were not enough Awards for the amount of entries we received, but you still got an award! All entries receive a Thank You award to show you took part!

So, there are the 2010 Fan Site Awards! Congratulations to everyone who won an award, and thank you to those who unfortunately didn’t win an award but entered and still got an award!
Thanks for taking part everyone!