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Fans React With Threats Against Ianto’s Death


WalesOnline are reporting that Torchwood fans are threatning the writers of the progrmme over the death of Ianto Jones.

One person blogging on the Deviant Art website, calling themselves Eloisa Skywalker expressed that she track down the writer who killed off Ianto and, “murder them in a horrific way. In an incredible horrific and painful way. They will never be able to walk again or move any part of their body. They will be a vegetable.”

Then she said, reffering Janto (Jack/Ianto, Thanks To Meg) as the characters name: “They cannot get rid of Janto and expect us to be OK with it.”

The following is quite rude,
Then she said, “The writers can go die in a hole in a pile of s*** in a black hole. I can not believe they did this”

Then another fan, referring to his smart costume and coffee making job, said, “Gunna kill them painfully! With ties and coffee machines!!

Another user on Facebook is also not happy, “I kill you, if you no bring him back!”

Ianto, himself has said, that fans should not “get abusive towards the team”.

“There have been one or two that have been saying some unpleasant things about the storyline, people leaving unpleasant messages on the message boards. I don’t support that at all. As an actor I trust the writers and producers and was lucky to be in the show for as long as I was.”

Wow, that seems to be getting quite serious.

What do you think of these threats?